Jane Eyre

“ Just finished watching Jane Eyre by the @Blackeyedtheatr at @ShanklinTheatre. Reader, she married him. It was exceptional, I’m quite overcome. Jane was beyond brilliant. It was stunning, we are huge fans of the novel, you absolutely did it justice, I would sit and watch that performance over again tomorrow! A very talented cast, such a clever set and score. But, Jane… she was straight from the page, she was exactly right. Perfect 

“ Wow what an incredible show , very innovative, superb performances. Thank you so much for bringing this to Shanklin 

“ Hi. My friend and I saw your company in sign of four at the Norwich playhouse and can to the marina yesterday to see jane Eyre. Both superb. You’re all so talented. We loved them both. You’re all so versatile xx 

“ Saw this Thursday evening, it was truly amazing. The company are so talented. My friends and I would watch future productions from them if they come to the Marina.
Well done Blackeyed Theatre Company 

“ It was truly an amazing play I loved every minute of it very well played by only 5 very talented people well done all of you 

“ Loved it this evening. Absolutely brilliant. Funny and very moving. Thank you to the cast! 

“ This is the third production I have enjoyed from this particular company. Talented and imaginative 

“ I was there for the matinee performance today. It was fabulous. Such talented actors! They were fantastic, they pulled me right into the story. I loved it 

“ Saw the production today at Norwich. You were all brilliant! I throughly enjoyed the play, crafted so well. I was drawn right into the tale. When Bertha first appeared on the stage it sent an icy chill up my spine; the ending had me in tears and the music was fab. So much talent. Well done! Thank you 

“ My friend and I saw the show today at the Playhouse in Norwich. It was utterly brilliant. The acting was fantastic and the adaptation absolutely spot on. Really high quality performance and very much enjoyed. Thanks and well done! 

“ I saw Jane Eyre at The Norwich Playhouse two days ago. Thank you for a magical evening. The clever use of the minimal stage to tell the story caused me to recollect playing as a child; where a small room or suburban garden, would expand with our imagination. It was a quite unexpected response on my part and added to my enjoyment of the overall production 

“ Jane Eyre at @norwichplay was wonderful! we three trainee English teachers thoroughly enjoyed – bravo to all! 

“ I was fortunate enough to have front row seats for last night’s performance of Jane Eyre, one of my favourite books. May I say it was an absolute pleasure to attend. The acting Was first class and so convincing, it reduced me to tears in the final scene. My young daughter, 12, accompanied us and she was spellbound. Thank you so, so much 

“ Just returned……Outstanding, Marvellous, Magnificent… moved to tears! 

“ Wow! What an amazing performance I witnessed tonight! Thought I’d treat myself by buying tickets to see Jane Eyre, due to currently studying the text at uni; and what a good decision that was. Nick Lane has done an awesome job of adapting this text for the stage and the @blackeyedtheatre company do it justice. With only 5 actors present on stage, they do an incredible job of drawing in the audience through sadness and comedy and they deliver an amazing 2 hours and 20 minutes (excluding the interval time) of acting, singing, choreography and playing instruments. When I saw ‘The Sign of Four’ last year at @norwichplayhouse I knew this theatre company was amazing, so when I found out that they were coming back with another classic, I knew I had to get tickets. With it only being on for three days, you haven’t got long to go and see it, but if you can I would highly recommend it; as the cast deliver an incredible evening. Congrats to all involved and thank you for doing an amazing job 

“ Had really enjoyed the performance this Saturday evening. Multi talented acting! Not to be missed….. 

“ Great show, wonderful acting, catch it anywhere you can. Usual great service from the Broadway team too 

“ Fabulous production last night, everything outstanding. Hope we see you in the Garden City with your future shows. Wonderful interpretation, acting, set, all superlative 

“ My parents went to see the production at Malvern and thought it extremely original and clever, especially in its approach to music and dialogue. Performed by a small cast with several of the actors playing multiple roles, there were strong performances from everyone but especially from the lead Kelsey Short. Thank you for a wonderful night of stand-out entertainment to everyone concerned 

“ Saw this yesterday at the Hertford Theatre – brilliant! Such a talented and professional group 

“ Just seen an enthralling production of Jane Eyre by @Blackeyedtheatr at @hertfordtheatre. Multi-talented versatile cast, never missed a beat in fast-paced 2 hour show. They INHABITED their roles and swept me up 

“ A timely reminder of what a great novel this is, interpreted beautifully by a top notch ensemble. BRAVO @Blackeyedtheatr 

“ This afternoon, Miss Ferguson took the Year 8 Drama Scholars to Hertford Theatre to see a captivating and powerful production of Jane Eyre performed by the Blackeyed Theatre Company 

“ Loved tonight’s production of Jane Eyre at Hertford theatre. All the best for the rest of the run 

 ‪Hi, I watched Jane Eyre at the Rhodes, Bishop’s Stortford. I thought it was terrific, I regret being so British and not giving a standing ovation. Thank you so much for the performance

“ I just had to write to say I saw your production of jane eyre at the Rhodes Bishops Stortford last night and wanted to tell you how brilliant I thought it was. All the actors, without exception, were so talented. Not only playing multiple parts with different accents but also musically excellent. It was the best production I have seen in a very long time. Well done! 

“ Just spent a magical evening watching one of the most talented casts I’ve ever seen (@Blackeyedtheatr) performing Jane Eyre @MalvernTheatres. It’s going on tour until June next year so go if you can! 

“ Such a tender interpretation @Blackeyedtheatr tonight @MalvernTheatres – gothic, clever staging, utterly compelling. The tour has only just begun… 

Just got in from seeing @Blackeyedtheatr production of Jane Eyre @MalvernTheatres. Just so good. Live music really made it come to life. We loved it

“ Many thanks to the cast of Jane Eyre. We saw your production in Bishops Stortford. It was beautifully done, very cleverly staged and so imaginatively realised using music which was so important to the Bronte sisters. Lovely performances… I took my daughter who was so impressed by how much the cast did and how clearly the play presented quite a convoluted plot. So clever, we really loved it. 

 ‪This is a wonderful production; such talented performers, lovely production for young and old book worms. Delightful cast 

“ Wow! Jane Eyre was fabulous. Beautifully acted and directed. People – look up the tour dates and go and see this production. 

“ A brilliant production of Jane Eyre. Absolutely loved it 

“ What a beautifully crafted production. Loved it. Well done everyone, have a fabulous tour 

 ‪Wow wow wow!!! It was incredible! Really beautiful! Well done and good luck for the tour! X 

“ Fabulous performance, so talented xx 

 ‪A fantastic theatre production! 

“ A stunning piece of theatre! 

“ ‪Really enjoyable evening at @southhillpark last night, watching the opening night of @Blackeyedtheatr new adaptation of Jane Eyre. Have a wonderful tour, it’s a terrific production! 

” ‪The girls were ‘raving’ about the production all the way home in the coach. They felt that it was the ‘best yet’ – probably because of the many substantial female characters in the production and we are a girls’ school after all and always on the lookout for female roles for script extracts! Even the Maths and French teacher who accompanied me are still talking about the “wonderful performances” today – I think I may have a few more converts to the world of Theatre… “

“ @Blackeyedtheatr @southhillpark congratulations on an excellent production of Jane Eyre and all the best with the tour 

“ Saw it last night. Absolutely superb