The Curtain Falls on Gatsby

31 Mar 2016, Posted by admin in Latest1

The cast share the stage with guide dog puppies and their trainers following a performance in Gravesend

The Great Gatsby has finally come to an end! Over seven months the show visited 35 venues, played 115 performances to 25,815 people & travelled 5,450 miles. It’s been quite some party! And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support, hard work and dedication of some of the most talented people we’ve the good fortune to work with. Congratulations Max, Adam, Stacey, Celeste, Tom, Celia, Tristan, Eliot, Ellie, Bronya, Victoria, Charlotte, Jenny, Stephen (both of them), Danielle, Chantal and Beccy, and thank you.

And of course it wouldn’t have been a party without our audience, so a massive thank you to everyone who’s bought a ticket – from Eastbourne to Dundee. Your support is truly essential and hugely appreciated!

And to wind the party up, here are one or two facts for you…

The furthest distance between shows was 512 miles: from Worthing to Kirkcaldy. It took us all day with snack stops :o)

The shortest distance travelled between Gatsby parties was just 16 miles, a mere hop, skip and a jump from Newbury to Basingstoke.

In Gravesend our audience included 8 Guide Dog Puppies in training! Thank you Gravesend :o) ‪#‎tourhighlight‬

We got through a lot of white gaffa tape, 43 and 3/4 rolls to be precise. That’s nearly a mile and a half!

Stacey, who played Myrtle, had an astounding 1,521 costume changes over the course of the run.

Tom, who played Meyer Wolfscheim, enjoyed an olive or two whilst chatting to Nick & Gatsby. He munched through 345 during the tour.

And perhaps most importantly, we’re very proud to be making a donation of £2,400 to @AtaxiaUK, raised entirely through programme sales. Thank you to everyone who bought one!

And as this party ends, another begins. It’s not long till Frankenstein. And it’s going to be a cracker!

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