Schools Out!

23 Jun 2015, Posted by admin in Uncategorised

Teechers15-45Our Spring tour of John Godber’s Teechers has come to an end. Salty, Gail and Hobby (aka Jake, Lucy and Brad) have hung up their uniform after a fun-filled 43-date UK tour, which included sell-out shows in Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton and Andover. Our thanks to anyone who came to see it and our hugely talented, hard-working team of artists who made it happen. There are many reasons we do what we do. It’s partly about creating, partly about entertaining and partly about inspiring, which is what Teechers is all about. We received lots of lovely messages, and here are some of our favourites:


@Blackeyedtheatr #teechers was inspiring. Really needed reminding what I’m studying for.

Looking forward to writing my uni review. Amazing show 🙂 made me fall in love with performing all over again! @Blackeyedtheatr #Teechers

Wow just been to see your performance at Theatre Severn AMAZING.As a recently retired Drama teacher relate to it all! Acting wonderful.Felt i was back in the studio with the caretakers telling me off.Thank you so much loved it. May come back tomorrow to see it again!

@blackeyedtheatr The cast addressed me, as Mr Harrison, sitting in the front row, at the end of the production, tears rolled down my cheeks

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